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Ecobricking: why, what and how?

02 September 2019 6:11 PM By accounts

What is EcoBricking?

An EcoBrick is a plastic bottle of any size that is packed tightly with clean and dry, non-biological/non-biodegradable waste. 

What happens to Ecobricks?

Once complete, these bottles can then be used as building materials for modular furniture or insulation etc for buildings. Watch this video to see where ecobricks go. 

Why EcoBrick?

Ecobricks should not be seen as a replacement for refusing and reducing plastic but they are an awesome way to contain non recyclable waste from reaching landfill or the ocean. Since a lot of the soft plastic that is produced will not be recycled (even if it says recyclable) it is an important way of taking responsibility for your waste and not relying solely on the flawed system of recycling. Ecobricks are also a great way to track and phase out the non recyclables we are buying! When ecobricking we become familiar with the types of waste we regularly buy that we could start to avoid. Because ecobricks can also be used for a positive social purpose, it is another way of giving back. 

How to Eco Brick

STEP 1: Collect

Collect non-recyclable materials like chip packets, dog food bags, small bits of unmarked plastic, plastics marked with the number seven within the three arrow symbol and bits and bobs like pen lids and other little items that will likely end up in landfill. 

STEP 2: Pack & Compress

You can prepare your plastics by cutting them up if they are quite large. Twist and stuff your ecobrick with the plastic and compress the waste into the bottle using an eco-brick stick. Pack tightly to ensure it is unsquishable. 

STEP 4: Measure

If you think that the bottle is full and tight enough it’s time to measure. Ecobricks can contain a surprising amount of waste so if you think you’re done, you can probably get more into it. You should not be able to sqish your ecobrick by more than 10%. 

Hint: If you can stand on it without squishing you are good to go!

STEP 5: Celebrate

STEP 6: Drop off 

Look out for a drop off site near you. Our partners Waste-Ed have a list of where to drop off personal/home ecobricks on their Facebook page.

If you are a company looking to ecobrick to reduce your waste and contribute to your social responsibility, please get in contact with us to discuss the options of creating your very own ecobricking project. 

Eco Bricking Made Easy!

We have a number of products that make ecobricking easier for you:

- Our Ecobricking stick ensures that you can pack your ecobricks tightly without the hand blisters, broken spoons and paintbrushes. 

- Our Ecobricking bin is a small swing bin to assist with storing small quantities of ecobricking waste until you have a little time to ecobrick but before it builds up too much.  

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