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Avoid single-use plastic with our refillable green cleaning products 

02 September 2019 6:21 PM By accounts

This post is for all of the people that have bought our single-use plastic free green cleaning products and it is also for all the people that haven’t yet and perhaps are yet to find out what we do.

Green Cleaning and how to avoid Single-Use Plastics.

Here at Easy Eco we aim to make going green as painless and as simple as possible. Hence the Slogan; “Making Green Easy”
We can’t save the World in a day but we can make it possible for you to get your green cleaning products without all that nasty single-use plastic that normally comes with it.
Instead of the seemingly “common” come-and-fill-up-your-jar-at-our-refill-station-style offering, we have come up with a novel shop and swap solution.

So, How does it work?

Step One

First off you buy the whole range, or part, of our green cleaning products from one of our stores or online. (See store addresses and maps links below).

We have packaged everything into a set so each products comes in a 2 Litre bottle and accompanying smaller bottle, either a pump jar or a spray bottle (except the laundry liquid). You pay an initial fee for the glass containers on your first order. And these are then yours. However we don’t really want you to keep them for other stuff, but of course if you want to, we can’t stop you. As long as you make sure they are in use and not just stored away in a cupboard somewhere.

Step Two

You smile and be happy because you are now cleaning your home or workplace with the latest in Green Cleaning science and your surfaces and everything else are free from harsh chemicals and everything downstream from there is smiling with you because you are actively bettering the environment by using Natural Probiotics.

Step Three

You have had a wonderful time cleaning and your 2 Litre bottles are now empty. Give them a rinse so they are nice and clean and bring them to one of our locations, either Gardens or Pinelands (Easy Eco Store at Hotel Verde not set up for this just yet). Simply drop off your empty 2 Litre bottles and pick up full 2 Litre bottles. No waiting, no spilling liquids on your shoes, quick, effective and, of course, Easy.

But Wait. It Gets Even Better.

The beauty is, you don’t have to pay for the glass container again, only the liquid inside. (This of course is dependent on your returned glass bottles being in good shape. We need to reuse them after all, remember. So treat the packaging like something you own, because you do own it and the packaging has value.)

For prices check out our Green Cleaning section on our website.

Where does all the magic happen?


“Our Rule? If it looks like plastic and feels like plastic it will act like plastic and should be avoided.”

For help and guidance with how to live a greener life contact us today.

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